License Genero Mobile

To license Genero Mobile, you license the Genero Business Development Language. Please see the topics covering the licensing of Genero Business Development Language.

When licensing Genero Mobile, your Genero Business Development Language (BDL) license must be for a Genero Mobile installation. If you receive an error message:
ERROR(-6024) : Modules compiled with Genero Mobile require a Genero Mobile license at runtime.
This means that the Genero BDL license you have is not valid for Genero Mobile. Please contact your local sales office for further information.
Tip: While you can use a license manager for Genero Mobile, the Genero Mobile license is an individual license and there is no need to use a license manager. You would only consider using the Four Js License Manager for Genero Mobile if you already use it with an existing Genero installation.