License BDL from the command line (via internet)

You can license a Genero Business Development Language (BDL) product using the command line tool, fglWrt.

Before you begin: Internet access is required.

Important: If your installation directory is in the C:\Program Files path, you must run as administrator when you license the product. This avoids any permission issues.
Tip: Run the envcomp script before starting. This ensures that the installation environment for Genero BDL is set. For further information, see Installation conventions.
  1. Install license using license string.
    Type the command fglWrt --install-license-string license-string auto
    Important: This step involves a license string. If you are not provided with a license string, you can generate a license string from your license number, license key, maintenance key, and login.

    For instructions on how to create a license string, see Encode a license string.

    This command validates the license with Four Js over the internet.

    License installation is now completed.

If you do not have a license string, you can alternatively license using the license number and license key. Follow these steps.

  1. Type fglWrt -l and when prompted, enter the license number and the license key.
  2. At the prompt:
    Do you want to continue using HTTP ? (y/n)
    Enter: y
  3. When prompted, enter your customer code:
    Enter your customer code > 
  4. At the following prompt:
    Do you need to configure an HTTP proxy ? (y/n)
    Enter y if your access to the internet is through a proxy. Provide the required information for HTTP proxy, port, and authentication when prompted. Otherwise, enter n.

    License installation is now completed.