Reset GBC client to initial installed version

The GBC can be reset to the initial installed version delivered in the FGLGWS package using the gasadmin tool.

If you have deployed and set a default GBC client on the GAS, you can quickly restore the original installed version by following this procedure.


At the command line enter the gasadmin gbc command with the reset option.
gasadmin gbc --reset

The following message is displayed in the standard output: GBC is reset to initial one.

Test the GBC is as expected. View an application in your browser by starting the standalone dispatcher from the command line. Open the application by entering the URL, for example:


If the application fails to load, see the Troubleshooting customization configuration issues topic in the Genero Browser Client User Guide.

What to do next

Alternatively, you can use the deployment application to reset the GBC client. For more details see Deploy GBC client with Deployment App.