Override the appdata resource at runtime

If you have changed the default application directory (known as "appdata") location, use this override method to specify it at runtime.

Override the res.appdata.path resource with the dispatcher override switch (-E).
For example, at the command line start the dispatcher as shown:

httpdispatch -E res.appdata.path=/work/tmp/gas/appdata

Important: If you start the dispatcher with the option (-E) to override the $(res.appdata.path) location, you must also override the resource when deploying applications with the gasadmin gar command, in order to deploy to the correct directory.
For example, specify the same option with both commands:
  • Starting the dispatcher:

    httpdispatch -E res.appdata.path=/work/tmp/gas/appdata

  • Deploying the application:

    gasadmin gar -E res.appdata.path=/work/tmp/gas/appdata --deploy-archive myapp.gar