The GBC_LOOKUP_PATH element specifies the location of installed Genero Browser Client (GBC) front-ends.

Note: In versions of the GAS before 3.10, the GBC_LOOKUP_PATH element was known as GWC_JS_LOOKUP_PATH. Both names continue to be supported.


  1. dir-path is the directory path to a GBC resource. This element allows for multiple directory paths to be specified; the separator between resource paths is a semicolon (;).

Child elements

There are no child elements.


You use this element to specify the path to the GBC. Examples are shown of how to specify this using the GBC_LOOKUP_PATH and with dispatcher overrides.

Example using GBC_LOOKUP_PATH

The dispatcher searches for the GBC files in the GBC_LOOKUP_PATH paths. If the directory is found, the requested file is sent. If the file does not exist, no additional searching is performed on that path. This is to avoid the risk of mixing up files in other GBC versions that may be located in various directories in these paths. The following paths are defined for the location of the GBC:
  • res.path.gbc.user is not defined in the GAS configuration file by default, however it can be set as required at runtime. See Set GBC_LOOKUP_PATH with dispatcher override.
  • res.gbc.deployment resource points to the $(res.appdata.path)/gbc_deployment directory. It contains your deployed GBC clients.
  • If the directory specified by the GBC is not found, the default GBC directory at $(res.fgldir)/web_utilities/gbc path, which is the last item of the GBC_LOOKUP_PATH list, is used.
You can add the path to your GBC directory to the list:
Tip: The dispatcher searches the paths specified in order, therefore it is recommended to place the path to your GBC directory first in the path list.

Set GBC_LOOKUP_PATH with dispatcher override

httpdispatch -E res.path.gbc.user=/opt/gbc/1.00.59

This example sets the location of your GBC files with the dispatcher switch (-E) by creating or overwriting the res.path.gbc.user resource with the path to the directory holding the folder.

Parent elements

This element is a child of INTERFACE_TO_CONNECTOR.