Unset alarms

Use the gasadmin command to remove monitoring alarms for Web services running on the GAS.

In this task you use the gasadmin monitoring update command to remove alarms.

  1. Display the alarms set.
    For details of this procedure, refer to the Display monitor status page.
  2. Remove or unset configured alarms.

    You can remove alarms by session id or service name. The configuration takes effect immediately.

    1. Unset the DVM not started alarm on a session.
      gasadmin monitoring update --unset-alarm DVM_NOT_STARTED --session d98290172c8f7c0d861db329f1ce6597
    2. Unset the DVM not started alarm on a service.
      gasadmin monitoring update --unset-alarm DVM_NOT_STARTED --service demo/Calculator
      Tip: You can unset an alarm on a service even if it is not running. The configuration takes effect the next time the service is started.