Configure alarm thresholds

Use the gasadmin command to configure the threshold at which an alarm is raised.

Before setting alarm thresholds, familiarize yourself with the default alarm threshold and the reasons you might need to set them.

For example, with a slow network, having a threshold set to 1 for the DVM_NOT_CONNECTED alarm may cause the alarm to continually be raised. To account for this slow network, you might raise the DVM_NOT_CONNECTED alarm threshold to 5, allowing the GAS 5 attempts to connect before the alarm is raised.
  • Set the threshold level for an alarm on a session.

    gasadmin monitoring update --set-alarm DVM_NOT_CONNECTED=5 --session d98290172c8f7c0d861db329f1ce6597

  • Set the threshold level for an alarm on a service.

    gasadmin monitoring update --set-alarm DVM_NOT_CONNECTED=5 --service demo/Calculator