Download installation packages

Download the latest installation files for Genero Business Development Language (BDL) and Genero Application Server (GAS) from the Four Js web site.

Download the packages to your working directory on your system. For help with downloading the appropriate packages for your Linux® distribution and processor type, see the Supported platforms and databases link in the Support page of the Four Js web site (, or contact your Four Js support center.

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Four Js web site,
  2. Log in with your login details or register.
  3. Select Download > Products.
    The Products download area page displays.
  4. Expand the Genero BDL and Web Services (BDL) section.
    Download the required BDL version.
  5. Expand the Genero Application Server (GAS) section.
    Download the required GAS version.
What to do next:

Configure license details for FLM server, see Configure license details