Configure license details

Configure license details in the license controller configuration file included in the docker's Genero product's installation.

About this task: Typically, in production environments a docker instance needs to access a Four Js License Manager (FLM) server for Genero licensing that is hosted outside the docker instance. The Genero product's license configuration file (for example, the fgllicense included in the docker's FGLGWS installation) needs to specify details of the server, and this needs to be done before building the docker image.
Note: If you are working in a virtual environment such as VMware or VirtualBox, you may have to provide the IP address of the host machine depending on how your network is set up and where your FLM is located.

For more information on license configuration for a Docker instance, see the Configure license details page in the Install and License your Genero Products manual.

For information on installing a License Manager, see the Install Four Js License Manager chapter in the Install and License your Genero Products manual.

What to do next:

Create a docker image with GAS and BDL installations and run in a Docker container. See Create image and run docker container.