Validate the integration for GBC with a Web server

To validate the installation of the Genero Application Server using a Web server, specify the Web server as part of the application URI and run a Genero Web Client demo application.

Before you begin:

Due to configuration settings in the Genero Application Server configuration file, access to demo applications needs to be configured. Make sure you have provided access to run the demo applications from the localhost, see Example configuring access control for demo applications.

Important: The following instructions assume that "gas" is the virtual directory defined for the GAS (to be part of the URLs accessing the GAS). For information on defining a virtual directory, see either ISAPI installation or FastCGI installation.
  1. Before you begin, you should have first validated the installation as a standalone GAS. See Validate the installation for GBC without a Web server.
  2. From your web browser, ensure that your Web server is correctly configured by accessing a static page (such as index.html), or simply http://localhost.
  3. Display the Demos page:
  4. Launch the GWC Demos program.