Validate the installation for GBC without a Web server

To validate the installation of the Genero Application Server without involving a Web server, launch the stand-alone Genero Application Server and run a Genero Browser Client demo application.

Before you begin:

Due to configuration settings in the Genero Application Server configuration file, access to demo applications needs to be configured. Make sure you have provided access to run the demo applications from the localhost, see Example configuring access control for demo applications.

  1. Set the GAS environment by executing the script $FGLASDIR/envas.
  2. Launch the GAS Standalone: httpdispatch
    For more information on starting the GAS standalone, and the various command options available, see Tools and Commands.
  3. From your web browser, check the connection to the application server by displaying the Demos page, using a URI that provides a direct connection to the standalone GAS:
  4. Launch the GWC Demos program using a URI that provides a direct connection to the standalone GAS:
The Demos application provided with the installation files, is preconfigured and ready to run.
Important: When you install the GAS using the .msi setup program, it sets the ADDRESS element (child of INTERFACE_TO_DVM) to "" within the as.xcf file. When validating your installation, if the Demos application fails to display (and you receive a runtime error), you may have to replace the INTERFACE_TO_DVM's ADDRESS element with the true IP address of the host machine.