Evaluate licensing when migrating from GDC

The number of licenses consumed by an application can differ based on the client used. We recommend you evaluate your licensing needs when migrating applications from the Genero Desktop Client (GDC) to Genero Browser Client (GBC).

Application time out

GBC applications may not detect if the user has left the application, or if the user has simply closed the browser (as opposed to stopping the application by explicitly exiting the application by selecting the appropriate action).

If the user closes the browser without exiting the application, the application stays running and continues to consume a license. A timeout can be configured to release the DVM, which in turn releases the license. See Setting the USER_AGENT timeout.

Licenses consumed per application

For GDC applications, one license is consumed per monitor or console, no matter how many applications are run from this monitor.

For GBC applications, one license is consumed per application started, however no additional licenses are consumed if applications are started by a RUN or a RUN WITHOUT WAITING request. An application launcher or a start menu from your main application may be used to execute RUNs of sub-applications.

License type options

We recommend using a license of CPU type, instead of a User license, for your GBC applications as it provides for an infinite pool of licenses, thus simplifying the migration and overcoming the need for timeout or application reconfiguration. For more information see the CPU licenses topic in the How Genero Licensing Works or for help with licensing options contact your nearest Four Js sales office.