Setting the USER_AGENT timeout

With Genero Browser Client (GBC) applications, the USER_AGENT timeout element proves to be particularly useful in license management.

As with the other front-ends, when a user properly exits an application, the DVM handling that application is properly shut down and the license that the application consumed is released back into the Genero license application pool.

However, when the user does not properly exit the application, the DVM remains alive and continues to consume a license even though the front-end has stopped. This can occur with the GBC, when a user closes the browser instead of properly exiting the application; the front-end has no mechanism to tell the Genero Application Server that the user has closed his browser.

To bypass this limitation, you can define the USER_AGENT timeout parameter to count user inactivity. When this timeout occurs, Genero Application Server unilaterally closes the socket to the DVM, which causes the DVM to shut down and the license to be released.