Application configuration overview

To run an application, configuration details must be provided to the Genero Application Server.

Many of the configuration details for one application end up being the same for a set of applications. Rather than provide the same configuration details in each application's configuration, the concept of inheritance allows you to define the common configuration details in a single place, to be inherited and used by multiple applications.

With Genero, you typically define an abstract application to hold the common configuration details. An abstract application is not executable. It is intended to provide the baseline default configuration for other applications to inherit. You can create as many abstract applications as you need. Abstract applications can inherit a base configuration from another abstract application.

To configure your application to inherit the settings of the abstract application, you specify the other application as the parent. There is no limit to the levels of inheritance an application can inherit from another application (abstract or not) that inherits from another application, and so on.

To provide the configuration for an executable application, either:
  • Provide the configuration details in the GAS configuration file.
    Important: When you add an application to the GAS configuration file, you must restart the GAS for the application to be recognized.
  • Create an application-specific configuration file (one per application).

    You can save the xcf in the default application group, $(res.appdata.path)/app, directory, or in your own created application group. The application is then immediately available without having to do a GAS restart. Alternatively, you can deploy the app.