Use abstract applications

An abstract application provides default configurations than you can reference in many of your application configurations.

An abstract application is not an executable application. It is only intended to be a parent application that you can reference via a Parent attribute in an application element of your application configuration. For example, you can take advantage of this feature to create your own abstract application and use it as the parent for a set of programs that share common configurations.

Tip: If you use this inheritance mechanism efficiently, you can configure new applications with only a few entries in the configuration file.
Important: Abstract applications can only be defined in the GAS configuration file. They cannot be defined using an external application configuration file.

Default abstract Web application

The default application for the Genero Web client, defaultwa, is found in the Genero Application Server configuration file.

<!--This is the default application for Genero web client-->
<APPLICATION Id="defaultgwc" Parent="defaultwa" Abstract="TRUE">
  <OUTPUT Rule="UseGWC">
  1. This application inherits the configuration of the defaultwa abstract application, also defined in the GAS configuration file.
  2. To specify an abstract application, set the Abstract attribute to TRUE.
  3. The OUTPUT Rule identifies which front-end is used to display the application, as set in the defaultwa abstract application. In this case the front-end target is the Genero Browser Client (GBC).

Example for Web services abstract application

<APPLICATION Id="ws.default" Abstract="TRUE">
  <EXECUTION Using=""/>
  <TIMEOUT Using=""/>