Import existing files as a new project

Files in a file system can be imported as a new project using the Project > Import menu option.

Before you begin

Set up a remote environment if your source files are on a remote host.


  1. If the source files to be imported contain reference fields from a database table, create or import a meta-schema file (4db) for the database, if not already completed.
  2. Create a new, simple project to manage the files using Project Manager.
  3. Use the Import Project from the Projects menu to import the directory as a new project. To make sure that only source files appear in the project, either clean all binaries and generated files from the directory before importing or set the import filters in the Import Project dialog to include/exclude files of various types.
    Genero Studio will organize the files into the project. Each 4gl file with a MAIN will reside in an Application node. All other files will be located in Library nodes. You can organize the files how you wish.
  4. If sources contain files that are preprocessed to generate other files, set up the appropriate build rules. (For example, if a file with an extension of 5gl generates a 4gl and then builds it: Add a build rule 5gl42m.)
  5. Once the source files are imported into the project, if the Compute dependencies checkbox is selected, the import process will automatically fill the required information for any libraries that must be linked in the same project. Right-click the Application node and select Advanced Properties, Dependencies to check the appropriate dependencies for each application or library.
  6. Add the meta-schema file to the Databases node of your project.
  7. Set the other properties for the nodes in the project, as needed. For example:
    1. To change the default location of the output files when the program is built, set the Target Directory property for the Group or Application nodes. The default target directory is $ProjectDir/bin.
    2. If there are external libraries (outside the Project) that should be linked when the application is built, add the library to the value of the external dependencies property for the application node.
  8. Build the Project to compile and link the files, checking for any dependency errors.