Add external project

Add an external project (.4pw) file to an existing project.

Before you begin, ensure you have a project open in the Projects view.

Adding an external project is an easy way to include external libraries in your project.

  1. Right-click on a Group node in the Projects view.
  2. Select Add External Project....
  3. Select the name of the project (.4pw) file to add to your current project.
    A new node is created, using the name of the external 4pw file. All of its projects, application and libraries are automatically added as children. The child nodes are in grey because they are in read-only mode. They cannot be moved, renamed, and so on. Their properties are also read-only.

Having added the external project to your existing project, you next need to ensure that the applications and libraries in your current project that require the use of the newly-added project or library have the correct dependencies set.