Organizing projects

Considerations when organizing your project, its nodes, and its files.

Application and library nodes

Whether you have a single application node or multiple application nodes will depend on what you set for the Language property.
  • If the Language property is set to Genero:

    With the language Genero, where should you store your module source? If you plan to reuse a module, place it in a library; otherwise, keep the module in the application node.

  • If the Language property is set to Genero (no link):
    When using the Genero (no link) language, only p-code modules are created; there are no program files (.42r) or p-code libraries (.42x) created. As such, multiple application and/or library nodes are not required. You can put all source modules (.4gl) under a single application (or library) node. If you need to further organize the files, consider using virtual folders.

    It is recommended to simply the structure as much as possible!

Source code management

For information about source code management for your project, see Source Code Management (SCM).

Organizing BAM projects

For guidelines on organizing BAM projects, see BAM Projects.