Add mobile device features (Photo, Gallery, Phone, Mail, SMS, Contact, Maps, Barcode)

The default template for modeling mobile apps includes features for interacting with a mobile device's default apps such as phone, email, text, photos, and maps.

The process for adding mobile device features to a BA diagram is the same for each mobile device feature, but each feature has specific properties to set on the relation to generate the appropriate code.

The generated code can be customized; see Adding custom code.

This task assumes that you have created a BA diagram with a CRUD or Zoom Form entity.

  1. Right-click on the BA diagram and select New. Select a mobile device feature to add to your form.
    Mobile feature Description
    Photo Lets the user take a picture with the mobile device and returns the corresponding picture identifier.
    Gallery Lets the user select a picture from the mobile device's photo gallery and returns a picture identifier.
    Phone Calls the selected telephone number.
    Mail Invokes the user's default mail application to send a new mail.
    SMS Sends an SMS text to one or more phone numbers.
    Contact Lets the user choose a contact from the mobile device contact list and returns the vCard.
    Maps Invokes a maps app with the current Global Positioning System (GPS) location of the mobile device.
    Barcode Lets the user scan a barcode with a mobile device, and returns the string representation of the barcode and its type.
  2. Right-click the form icon and select Add Relation To. Drag the relation arrow to the new mobile device feature icon (such as Photo).

    BA diagram showing form and relation to a photo entity.
  3. Select the relation.
  4. Set the Action property. The Action property on the relation must match the Action property on the form widget used to invoke the feature. Set any other properties specific to the mobile device feature. See Mobile device function properties.
  5. Build and run your program.