Mobile device function properties

Relation properties specific to mobile device feature entities.


For all mobile feature relations, the Action property value on the relation must match the Action property value on the form widget used to invoke the feature.

Photo / PhotoRelation

Lets the user take a picture with the mobile device and returns the corresponding picture identifier.

Table 1. PhotoRelation properties
Property Usage
Image Path Column to store the picture identifier.

For a Photo entity, the path returned cannot be used as a persistent filename for the photo. To keep the image data in the application, you need to load the picture data into a BYTE variable. In the code (for example, in the dlgEvent__action__AfterPhoto function for the relation), add the following lines:

     LET fn = os.Path.makeTempName() 
     CALL fgl_getfile(photoPath, fn)
     LOCATE m_recordName_arrRecGrid[1].table_photo_image_field IN FILE fn
     CALL dlg.setFieldTouched("table.photo_image_field", TRUE)

For more details about using images on mobile devices, see the Runtime images topic in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide

Gallery / GalleryRelation

Lets the user select a picture from the mobile device's photo gallery and returns a picture identifier.

Table 2. GalleryRelation properties
Property Usage
Image Path Column to store the picture identifier.

Phone / PhoneRelation

Calls the selected telephone number.

Table 3. PhoneRelation properties
Property Usage
Phone Number Column corresponding to the telephone number.

Mail / MailRelation

Invokes the user's default mail application to send a new mail.

Table 4. MailRelation properties
Property Usage
To Columns corresponding to the To line of the email.
CC Columns corresponding to the CC line of the email.
Bcc Columns corresponding to the Bcc line of the email.
Subject Column corresponding to the subject line of the email.
Content Column corresponding to the body of the email.
Attachment Columns corresponding to email attachments. Limit 2.

SMS / SMSRelation

Sends an SMS text to one or more phone numbers.

Table 5. SMSRelation properties
Property Usage
To Column corresponding to the SMS number.
Content Column corresponding to the body of the text.

Contact / ContactRelation

Lets the user choose a contact from the mobile device contact list and returns the vCard.

Table 6. ContactRelation properties
Property Usage
Vcard Column corresponding to returned Vcard value.
Person Columns corresponding to the contact.
Address Work Columns corresponding to the contact's work address.
Address Home Columns corresponding to the contact's home address.
Phone Columns corresponding to the contact's phone numbers.
Email Columns corresponding to the contact's email addresses.

Barcode / BarcodeRelation

Lets the user scan a barcode with a mobile device, and returns the string representation of the barcode and its type.

Table 7. BarcodeRelation properties
Property Usage
Barcode Column corresponding to the barcode string value.

Maps / MapsRelation

Invokes a maps app with the current Global Positioning System (GPS) location of the mobile device.

Table 8. MapsRelation properties
Property Usage
Query Columns corresponding to the latitude and longitude values.