Create the BAM structured project

Use the BAM Desktop Project (.4pw) structured project template to create your managed project.

Before you begin:

Ensure that the latest code generation template is selected. Select Tools > Genero Configurations, and under Configuration Name, select the Desktop configuration. Under Environment Sets, select the latest Template dbapp if it is not already active.

  1. Select File > New... > Genero BAM Desktop > BAM Desktop Project (.4pw).
  2. In the Additional information section of the form, provide a project name and the location of your new project directory.
  3. Click OK.
    A project displays in the Projects view.

    At the root node of the project are three default nodes:

    • DatabaseMaintenance - intended for any database creation or management you may need to complete.
    • Packages - where you provide the details you need to create packages of your application for deployment to the Genero Application Server, to mobile devices, or to simply create a zip file.
    • Project - contains an application node, as well as additional library nodes to assist you in the coding of your application. This quick start begins its work within this node.

    You will not be using the DatabaseMaintenance or Packages node in this quick start.

  4. Select File > Save All.