Define an action in File > New for the new item

Modify the creatables.conf file to define the new item in File > New.

  1. Open the creatables.conf file in your template directory.
  2. Notice that the Category elements organize the creatables into groups. Find the Category element with a name attribute of Database. Modify the File element to represent the newly defined database file by changing the label, extension, and source attributes.
    <Category index="30" label="Database" name="Database">
      <File index="30" name="DBXNewERD" 
        label="DB Schema (.4dbz)" 
        description="Create a new DB schema" 
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Since the source element was changed to creatables/dbapp.4dbz, create that file in the creatables subdirectory in your template directory. Copy and rename dbapp.4dbx to dbapp.4dbz.