Form Designer error messages

A list of Form Designer error messages. For messages that are not self-explanatory, additional information is provided.

Table 1. Form Designer Error messages
Number Description
GS-10001 Field widget used when no database is attached to form.

The current form does not use a database. The Field element is an abstract Formfield that can exist only when a database is attached to a form (the widgets depends on the database column datatype).

  • Change the form databaseName property to the corresponding database,
  • Change the Formfield widget from Field to another widget (Edit, for example).
GS-10002 Property value %1 not available, upgrade to genero version %2 or later.

The value is not supported in this version of Genero.

Change the property value or upgrade Genero.

GS-10003 Columns with 'aggregate' must have a widget of type 'Edit'.

The column using an aggregate is not an 'Edit' widget type.

  • Change the widget type to 'Edit'.
  • Remove the aggregate.

Error due to fgl not set well.

When using gsform, the compiler is not working correctly.

  • Check whether FGLDIR is set.
  • Check whether BDL is licensed and working.
GS-10005 Property %1, does not exist in its wcsettings in the WebComponent directory.

Open the wcsettings file in Code Editor and add the missing property then reload the directory and the form file.

GS-10006 Invalid WebComponent directory.
  • Check if the WebComponent directory is blank.
  • Check if the directory exists on disk.
  • Check if there are any .wcsettings files present in the directory.
GS-10007 Property %1 cannot contain '.'. Please upgrade to genero version %2 or later.

Children are out of container bounds.

The children of the parent are out of its boundaries.
  • Increase the size of the parent
  • Decrease the size of the children

Webcomponent '%1' is not defined in the webcomponent directory

GS-10010 Stack layout not supported.

Error message and resolution should be self-explanatory.

GS-10011 Widget shares border or intersects with another widget.

Widgets share border or overlap with each other.

  • Move them so they no longer intersect or are adjacent.
  • Delete them.
GS-10012 Invalid widget, upgrade Genero version.

The SpinEdit, TimeEdit, Slider and Field widgets were not available prior to Genero version 2.00. The widget WebComponent was introduced in Genero version 2.30. The Tree container and Phantom widget were introduced in Genero version 2.20

  • Change version to corresponding valid version or later.
  • Change widgets to existing widgets with respect to your current version (Edit, for example), or do not use these widgets.
GS-10013 Invalid property, upgrade Genero version.

The unitWidth/unitHeight property was added in Genero version 2.00. The doubleClick/splitter/minWidth/minHeight properties were added in Genero version 2.10The image/ contextMenu properties were added in Genero version 2.20. The valueMin/valueMax properties were added in Genero version 2.21. The justify/style properties were added in Genero version 2.30.

  • Reset to a supported property.
  • Change version to corresponding valid version or later.
GS-10014 'Table', 'Tree', 'ScrollGrid' can not be defined in a ScrollGrid.

Corresponds to fglform error (-6846): The screen tag 'TABLE'/'TREE'/'SCROLLGRID' can not be defined in a SCROLLGRID.

Error message and resolution should be self-explanatory.

GS-10016 Layout required for containers.

Cannot have two or more containers without a layout in a parent container, except for layout tags (containers in grids).

Layout the containers vertically or horizontally. See HBox and VBox - layouting.

GS-10017 ScrollGrid and/or Group layout tags cannot be nested.

Nested grid / ScrollGrid (layout tag ScrollGrid) cannot contain these children: Table, Group, ScrollGrid, GridNested Group /Scrollgrid (layout tag Group) cannot contain containers other than: HRec, Table, Tree

Re-arrange your elements using layouts.

GS-10018 Matrix in resizable ScrollGrid.

The formField is a form designer matrix, which cannot fit in a stretchable scrollgrid. Corresponds to fglform error(-6843): A resizable SCROLLGRID requires the definition of exactly one template.

To fix, convert the form designer matrix to a formField.


Parent container required.

A container is required between the form and the element:
Figure: Form without container

This figure is a screenshot of a form without a container.
  • Draw a grid or scrollgrid around the element.
  • Move the element into a Grid, Group, scrollGrid.
Figure: Form with container

This figure is a screenshot of a form with a container around all fields.
GS-10020 Character not supported in '%1' encoding.
  • Change the characters to a supported one.
  • Change the encoding.
No element below layout tag before Genero 2.01.
Figure: Form with element inside grid below layout tag

This figure is a screenshot of a form with an element inside the grid below the layout tag.

You cannot have elements inside the grid below a layout tag (container inside grid.)

Move the elements to another grid and layout both grids vertically.

GS-10022 Layout tag width is name length plus 4.
  • Increase layout tag width.
  • Shorten name attribute.
GS-10023 Saved WebComponent settings in GSTWCDIR directory.

This is an informational message. The import process has generated .wcsettings files(s) corresponding to the form. If the GSTWCDIR is not well set, the files are saved in the form directory and you must move the file(s) to the correct directory.

GS-10025 Invalid stack item '%1'

This error identifies a widget in a STACK container that is not a stack item.

To correct the issue, ensure all widgets in a STACK container are valid stack items. For more information on stack items, refer to the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.


Non container widgets not beside table in grid before Genero 2.10.

Cannot have widget beside layout tag table, this feature has been implemented in version 2.10.
Figure: Form with widget beside layout tag table

This figure is a screenshot of a form with a widget beside the layout tag table.
  • Change Genero configuration fgl to 2.10 or later
  • Move the widgets into another grid and layout both grids horizontally
Figure: Form with widgets into another grid and layout both grids horizontally

This figure is a screenshot of a form with widgets moved into another grid and both grids laid out horizontally.
GS-10027 Empty container.

This node is missing its required children. Item is missing in the TopMenu or TopMenuGroupor Toolbar or ActionDefaultList. Widget is missing in group, hrec etc

  • Add an valid child.
  • Remove the container.
GS-10028 ActionDefault %1 doesn't contain modified attributes applicable to current Genero version.

ActionDefaultGroup is defined without any attribute applicable to current Genero version.

  • Delete it.
  • Set one of these attributes: title, image, accelerators ...
  • The contextmenu attribute is available since version Genero 2.20, but not before that.
  • The validate attribute is available since Genero 2.1x, not before that.
  • The Accelerator4 is available since Genero 2.00, not before that.
GS-10029 Redundant table records.

There are two or more records of the table container that are exactly the same, i.e. they have the same order of recordFields.

  • Reorder the recordField(s) in record that is duplicate.
  • Delete the duplicate record.
GS-10031 Left edge cannot be shared with table right edge.

Widget left edge cannot be shared with table right edge. For any Genero version, Genero form compiler needs a space to the right of the table.

Enter a space to the right of the table.

GS-10033 Requires minimum location.
GS-10034 Requires minimum size.
GS-10035 Old widget '%1' was removed during import.

An old widget (canvas) that is no longer supported was present in the imported form and removed from the document.

Create another element for this widget, or ignore the error.


Old widget %1 was transformed to %2 during import.

An old widget that is no longer supported was present in the imported form. It's been transformed into the form element.

Check that the transformation was correct, or fix it (some attributes may be incorrectly set).


Expected ValueChecked to be different from valueUnChecked.

Checkbox valueChecked and valueUnchecked attributes cannot have the same value.

Change one of the attribute values.

GS-10042 Requested operation cannot be performed, please check the Genero configuration settings.

The Genero configuration is not valid.

Check Genero license, directory, and Genero Desktop Client.

GS-10044 Internal error.

An unexpected internal error occurred during compilation.

Contact your local support center.

GS-10045 Could not delete temporary per file.

A temporary per file cannot be deleted during the compilation process, probably because the user opened the file or changed the access rights.

Close the temporary file, or set the access rights to read write.

GS-10046 Cannot generate unique tagName, gridwidth is too small.

All available field identifiers are used during per file generation.

Enlarge some field's gridwidth.


Unable to create per file during form compilation.

GS-10049 Value not compatible with data Type.

The Value is not compatible with data type set. This error occurs when defaultValue and include property value are incompatible with dataType property.

Change defaultValue or include; enter a value compatible to data type format.

GS-10052 Record cannot start with phantom field.

Rearrange record fields.

GS-10054 idColumn/parentIdColumn must be defined for Tree.

Set a valid value, i.e. a name of one of the tree's children, for these properties.

GS-10055 Invalid value set for %1 property.
Check the documentation for the property, and set a valid value. For example, a valid value for the name property is comprised of alphanumeric characters and underscores, but can not start with a number:
  • For accelerator, accelerator2, accelerator3, accelerator4; value should be a valid accelerator name.
  • For imageColumn ,idColumn, parentIdColumn, expandedColumn, isNodeColumn; value should be one of the children of the table/tree.
  • For expandedColumn, isNodeColumn, imageColumn; value could be blank, i.e. reset to default.
  • For Action; value should be a valid action name.
  • For FieldType; the Field widget cannot be used with FORM_ONLY or FORM_LIKE fieldType; the expected fieldType is TABLE_COLUMN or TABLE_ALIAS.
  • For formFields; value should be tableName.colName.
  • For formonly formFields; value should be
  • For tableAlias type formFields; value should be tableAliasName.colName.
  • For non-formFields; value should be a valid name.
GS-10056 Include property doesn't support dataType.

An include string is set while dataType is not supported (for example, interval).

Change data type, or remove include string.
GS-10057 Value is out of data Type range.

Some data types have a limitation of size (for example, integer).

Change data type (for example, from integer to bigint), or modify value so that it is valid.

GS-10061 Screen record array has different component sizes.

Matrices corresponding to the Screen Record need to have the same repeat count (number of rows * number of columns).

  • Change the row count or the column count.
  • If the current screen record is an array and any of the screenRecordItems correspond to a FormField, convert it to a matrix.
  • If the current screen record is not an array, and any of the screenRecordItems correspond to a Matrix, convert it to a FormField.
GS-10062 All members of \'Record'\ must reference the same container.

The formFields corresponding to the record field in the same record must belong to the same container.

  • Move the record field to the correct record.
  • Move the formField to the right container.
  • Remove the record field or formField.
GS-10063 First tree column must have a widget of type Edit or Label.

The first Tree widget column is not an Edit or a Label.

  • Insert an Edit or Label as the first column.
  • Change the first column to an Edit or Label.
  • Re-order the columns to have an Edit or Label as the first column.
GS-10064 Invalid/Duplicate name transformed during import.

An invalid name that was present in the imported form was transformed to a valid and unique name. A valid name is not blank, and is made up of these characters: A-Z, 0-9, "_". You may edit the transformed name.

GS-10065 Multiple lines in Form title.

Genero clients don't support multiple lines.

Remove the carriage return.

#r_gst_error_msgs_form_designer__error-10070GS-10070 Cannot save 4fd file.

The 4fd file cannot be saved due to file system permissions.

Check permissions, or move the per file and import it again.


File not found.

A file is missing.


Cannot load file.

An unexpected error occurred loading the file.

GS-10079 Cannot import file, %1 already exists.

The form file already exists, import is canceled (gsform).

  • Delete the 4fd form file
  • Force overwrite (-i option).
GS-10080 Cannot import file, wrong extension.

Check file extension.

GS-10081 Container is too small, user defined properties will be ignored.

The layout tagged container is too small to hold identifier. Any user defined properties will be ignored. This is a warning message.

Increase width of container.

GS-10082 Record has only phantom fields.
  • Change widget type of a record field Formfield from phantom to some other type.
  • Drag-drop some record field that is not a phantom type into this record.
  • Delete record.
GS-10083 valueMin must be lower than valueMax.
  • Change valueMin so that it is less than valueMax.
  • Change valueMax so that it is greater than valueMin.
GS-10084 Invalid text.

The text property value cannot contain newline characters, '\n' or '\r'.

Delete or replace these characters.

GS-10085 Wrong file extension.

The file chosen for import has an incorrect extension.

Select a file with a per extension to import.

GS-10086 Cannot create compilation task.

Check the build rule; if correct, contact your local support center.

GS-10087 Invalid widget position.

Change position of widget.

GS-10088 StepX needs to be greater than 1.

The property stepX must have a value greater than 1.

  • Edit stepX property.
  • Uncheck repeat property.
GS-10089 Invalid nested table position.

Change table position.


Invalid file, closing tag does not correspond to the opening one.

The file is invalid; it contains mismatching tags and XML parsing is not possible.


Invalid file, orphan closing tag.

GS-10092 Empty space required on all sides of layout tag.

Minimum of one unit empty space is required on all sides of layout tag containers.

Re-size layout tag container or its children.

GS-10095 componentType property must be defined as a name of valid webComponent.

Set a valid value from available WebComponents.

GS-10097 Invalid WebComponent.

The WebComponent is invalid as it does not satisfy XSD file rules.

Open wcsettings file in code editor and rectify in accordance with XSD validation.

GS-10098 Invalid WebComponent schema.

The WebComponent XSD file that is used for validating WebComponent XML files is invalid.

  • Take a clean copy from of file.
  • Undo all changes done manually.
GS-10099 Empty text widget will be ignored.

The text property value will be ignored as it is blank. This is a warning message.

Solution: Since property value is blank, it plays no role, and is ignored.

GS-10100 Property '%1' conflicts with 'id' or 'parentid'.

The value of property 'expandedColumn' or 'isNodeColumn' is same as either 'idColumn' or 'parentIdColumn' of tree widget.

Change the property value of either of the properties so that expandedColumn and isNodeColumn do not have the same value as either idColumn or parentIdColumn.

GS-10101 Invalid Template directory '%1'

The BAM template directory (GSTSETUPDIR environment variable) is incorrect. It should be an accessible directory absolute path, and contain settings (such as setting.agconf and/or creatables, for example). The path MUST be for the Genero Studio client, not the Genero Studio server.

GS-10102 tabindex '%1' is already used in '%2'

%1 refers to the tabIndex value, and %2 is the name of the widget having the tabIndex value that is already used.

Revisit the values of the tabIndex for all objects in your form, and change the value of the tabIndex to a value that is not being used.

GS-10103 Property tabindex of '%1' has been reset because it was duplicated.

When you open a file with a tabIndex error in Form Designer, the issue discussed in GS-10102 is fixed automatically. This message is the notification.

No additional action is required, however you may wish to validate the tabIndex entries for the objects in your form.

GS-10104 The FDMAP property type is deprecated, use MAP instead.

The FDMAP property editor for Form Designer in BAM settings has been renamed as MAP. It is available outside of Form Designer, therefore the FD prefix was removed.

Use the MAP property editor instead. The property editor is defined in the settings.agconf settings file, located in the template directory.

GS-10105 Unknown option '%1'  
GS-10108 Stack cannot contain both Scalable and Grouping Items.

Scalable items are Images, Text Edits, and Web components. Grouping items are Groups, Tables, and Folders. A Stack can have Scalable or Grouping items as direct children, but not both. To add other widgets, place them inside one of the Grouping items. For further information, see Stack - layouting.

GS-10109 Stack can only have one Scalable Item.

Scalable items are Images, Text Edits, and Web components. A Stack can contain only one Scalable item. For further information, see Stack - layouting.

GS-10300 Need one and only one relation for program %1.  
GS-10301 Old model format does not support BasicItem.  
GS-10400 Invalid root element.

Edit the root to be <ManagedForm>.

GS-10401 Invalid child %1.

The element is not a valid child of the parent.

Edit the child to be an acceptable child of the parent.

GS-10402 %1 occurs more than once.

An element is defined more than once, eg: Topmenu, Toolbar can appear just once.

Remove the duplicate occurrences to keep only a single valid definition.

GS-10403 Property %1 occurs more than once.

A property for an element is defined more than once.

Remove the duplicate occurrences to keep only a single valid definition.


Unexpected property %1 is ignored.

This warning is displayed when a property that does not belong to the element is defined. This is ignored.

Remove the property that does not belong.

GS-10405 Incomplete %1 definition, missing property(s) %2.

Some mandatory property or properties of an element have not been defined.

Contact your local support center. Provide the 4fd file, the Genero Studio version, and how this file was created.

GS-10407 Invalid recordField, corresponding formfield not found.

The recordField does not correspond to any formfield, i.e. no formfield is present whose fieldId property matches the fieldIdRef property of recordField.

  • Check if recordField definition is invalid, and make it valid.
  • Add a valid formField.
  • Remove the recordField.
GS-10408 Incomplete Table definition for %1, missing record.

The table does not have a corresponding record defined.

  • Check if any existing records are invalid and could be table's record.
  • Add a valid record.
  • Remove table.
GS-10409 Invalid record, corresponding table not found.

The record does not correspond to any table.

  • Check if record definition is invalid and make it valid.
  • Add a valid table.
  • Remove the record if not needed.

Incomplete %1 definition, missing mandatory child.

The element's mandatory child has not been defined.

Add the missing child.

GS-10411 Invalid geometry for %1.

The geometry of element is invalid.

Edit the geometry properties posX, posY, gridWidth, gridHeight such that the element lies within the boundaries of its parent.


Incomplete FormField definition for %1, missing recordField.

The formField does not have a corresponding recordField defined.

  • Check if any existing recordFields are invalid and could be corresponding to formfield.

  • Add a valid RecordField.

  • Remove FormField.


Malformed XML.

The xml structure is invalid.

Check for missing tags.

GS-10900 Cannot load file, unsupported node %1  
GS-10901 File is saved using Genero Studio version %1, current version is %2. Please upgrade Genero Studio.