Target directory

The Target directory property specifies the directory for output files.

Compiled modules and link results (42m, 42f, 42r, and 42x files) are stored in this directory. The default directory is a bin directory created in the current Project directory. Use the Browse button to change the directory.

If the directory value is changed, Genero Studio tries to maintain a relative path having the project directory as its base. If a different drive under Windows® is selected, a relative path is not possible.


For portability, we recommend that Target Directory should always be defined through a relative path, with the Project Directory $(ProjectDir) as the starting point.

This property corresponds to the $(TargetDir) variable.

The value of this property is inherited by child nodes.

Default value: $(ProjectDir)/bin

In the Properties view, this property is in the Project category for:

  • Groups
  • Applications
  • Libraries