Quick Start: Generate a master-detail mobile app

This quick start guides you through generating and running a simple mobile app with a master-detail relationship between two forms.


This quick start assumes you have configured Genero Studio to run an app to a mobile device or emulator. See Configure for Android or Configure for iOS to set up your mobile device or emulator.

In this quick start you model a common type of master-detail based on a one-to-many relationship in the officestore database, where a user in the "account" table can have many orders in the "orders" table.

The common pattern for a master-detail relation is to have two forms, one for the master and another for the detail. The relation entity between the forms filters on common keys: userid in both account and orders tables. On a mobile device, the detail is usually edited in a separate form to allow for enough space.


Run the "MobilePatterns" demo to see a type of master-detail known as "List-Detail", which uses the "account" table as both master and detail. It is recommended to also explore this demo for different ways to use the various property settings on relations and entities in the BA diagram. For more information on mobile demos, see Genero mobile app demos.