Genero configurations

A Genero configuration specifies which Genero components to use when creating, compiling, building and executing Genero applications from within the Genero Studio interface. Genero configurations can refer to components residing on local or remote hosts.

What makes up a Genero configuration?

A Genero configuration specifies:
  • The Genero installation to use. A Genero installation refers to the Genero runtime to be used to compile, build and execute the Genero application. The Genero installation is set in the section Compiler / Runtime.
  • Zero or more environment sets. An environment set consists of a collection of one or more environment variables, grouped for ease of inclusion (or exclusion) from a configuration. To include an environment set, select the checkbox next to the environment set name in the section Environment Sets / Environment Variables.
  • The display client to use. Display clients include GDC, GBC, GMA, and GMI. For clients requiring the GAS, a GAS configuration is also chosen. The display client and GAS configuration is set in the section Display.

You can have multiple configurations created, to cover the variety of Genero versions, clients, and architectures that exist in your environment.

Use the default Genero configurations

Several out-of-the-box Genero configurations are provided at installation. These configurations are based on the software included in the Genero Studio distribution package and installed in the default installation directories.

These default configurations have been pre-configured as much as possible, given the knowledge of the Genero components that are installed with the Genero Studio package. Regardless, additional configuration will likely be required.

For example:
  • If your application interacts with a database, you will need to select the environment set appropriate for your database client software and complete any missing variables or values for the environment variables within the selected set.
  • Using Genero Studio for a mobile app will require additional non-Genero software installation and configuration, as well as edits to the client-specific environment sets. Completing the configuration steps for those clients is a requirement.

Define new configurations

You will likely have the need to define new Genero configurations in order to use Genero software that you install outside of the Genero Studio installation or directories. For example, if you wish to use the latest version of Genero Studio with a previous version of Genero BDL, you create a new Genero configuration and reference the older FGL version.