Display to the Genero Mobile Development Client

Available from Apple's App Store, the Genero Mobile Development Client serves two purposes: It allows you to view your app on an iOS device regardless of your development machine operating system, and it allows you to run a demo app.

Before you begin:
  • The mobile device and the development machine must be connected to the same wireless network.
  • The Genero Mobile Development Client app (available from the App Store) must be installed on the mobile device. To locate the Genero Mobile Development Client in the App Store, simply search on the full name of the app. After installation, the app appears with the name Dev Client and the standard Genero icon.
  1. Launch Genero Studio.
  2. Select the iOS Dev Client configuration.
    The iOS Dev Client is configured for the DVM (fglrun) to listen on port 6400. To listen on a different port, modify the Genero Installation FGL options setting to a different port.

  3. Run your app.
    • Execute your app from Genero Studio. If you have a firewall, you must allow the client to communicate on your network.
    • Alternatively, start the app on the server from the command line using the --gui-listen option. For example:
      % fglrun --gui-listen=6400 helloworld.42m
    The app starts and waits for the Genero Mobile Development Client to connect.
  4. From your device, start the Dev Client app.
  5. In the URL field, enter the following URL.
    Replace yourdesktop-ip with the IP address of your development machine. Replace port-number with the port number specified in the iOS Dev Client configuration. The default is 6400. The firewall on your desktop needs to be open for the port used. For example:
  6. Set the Timeout and Permanent retry options as needed. For the Timeout option, use the spinner to set the number of seconds for the timeout. Setting the timeout to zero indicates that you are not setting a time limit. If you have no service waiting, it will immediately fail. Turn Permanent retry on or off. If you switch on, and kill the app, then it tries for some seconds to connect, then retries and keeps retrying.
  7. Tap Connect.
    Either the app will display, or you will get an error message in the RESULTS area of the interface. When you exit the app, you are returned to the developer interface.