TCP (deprecated): How to launch Genero Studio Server

If you use a TCP connection, Genero Studio Server must be launched before use. (If you use an SSH connection, Genero Studio Server is launched automatically.)

This program has no user interface; it must be run from a console or terminal. On the server machine, from within $GSTDIR/bin, execute the command for your operating system. The default port value is 5321.

  • On Windows™:
  • On GNU/Linux:

If you need it to listen to another port, you have to use the command-line argument --port each time you start Genero Studio Server.

  • On Windows:
    gsserver.exe --port 1234
  • On GNU/Linux:
    gsserver --port 1234

For further information, start Genero Studio Server with the --help option, and see the installation notes in the release subdirectory of the Genero Studio software package.