User Licenses

The User license option ensures that a sufficient pool of licenses is available where a specified number of users may connect to a server to run applications.

The size of the User license pool is defined by the number of licenses purchased, which is encrypted in the license key and verified by the license controller.

Typically, the number of concurrent users equals the number of connections, but it is recommended to anticipate a greater number because multiple connections may be needed by applications which open more than one active window or browser tab.

To determine the number of licenses used, run the license controller command, for example, fglWrt -u followed by fglWrt -a info users on the application server where the Genero runtime is installed. If you are using the Four Js License Manager, run the license manager command flmprg -u.

When the pool of connections is exhausted, the Dynamic Virtual Machine (DVM) will output a message blocking access to new users.
-6017 User limit exceeded. Cannot run this program.
If this occurs frequently, it is recommended to purchase more users and add them to the license. However, a better option may be to consider using CPU licenses instead.