Standard, evaluation, and backup licenses

A Genero product can be installed under a standard license, an evaluation license, or a backup license.

Standard license

A standard license forms an agreement with Four Js giving the licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable development or runtime license to use the software in compliance with the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement. This license is granted to the licensee only for the number of users (concurrent users or CPU users) and for the term (perpetual or subscription) specified in the purchase order accepted by Four J’s and paid for by the licensee.

Evaluation license

Evaluation licenses are issued to users trialing the software; for example, as part of the Genero Evaluation Program (GEP). Evaluation licenses are fully-functional licenses allowing use of the Genero family of products (compiler, database, Studio, and runtime environments) to a specified number of users. The licenses are time limited for a period (typically 90 days) and can only be activated (registered) once.

Backup license

A backup license is a duplicate license installed on a "mirror" machine for secure installations requiring fault-tolerant or fail-over configurations. The backup license is a replica of the active server license and must have an equal number of users and be of the same version.