Recognize a license number by product

Details for licensing your Genero products are delivered by email. By examining the license number, you can identify the product it licenses.

Four Js provides a license number and license key with the product package. For a perpetual license, you will get a maintenance key with your maintenance contract. For a subscription license, you will get a subscription key.

Before you begin Genero product licensing, locate your email message that contains the following:
  • product license string

    A license string is an encoding of your license number, license key, maintenance or subscription key, and customer code. It is easier to use in license installation and upgrading.

  • product license key
  • product license number
  • product maintenance or subscription key
  • your customer code
If you do not have this email, contact your local Four Js sales office.

Genero Business Development Language (BDL)

Genero Business Development Language (BDL) license numbers start with the letter T. For example:
  • License number: TAB#X35006TG
  • License key: RFAL8FS73XDT
  • Maintenance or subscription key: M9A3R5UCLMGH

Genero Report Engine (GRE)

The Genero Report Engine exists in two products: Genero Enterprise and the Genero Report Writer. Both products use the Genero Report Engine (GRE); it is the GRE that is licensed.

With Genero Enterprise, license numbers for the Genero Report Engine start with the letter R. For example:
  • License number: R4Z#X34006TG
  • License number key: GFAS9FD78XDT
  • Maintenance or subscription key: M0ST5VXLMFHO
With Genero Report Writer, license numbers for the Genero Report Engine start with the letter P. For example:
  • License number: P7Z#C00459GL
  • License key: TEBLE8RS31SE
  • Maintenance or subscription key: OZ8K2ACHHROW

Genero Mobile

Genero Mobile license numbers start with the letter M. For example:
  • License number: MAC#AAP00014
  • License key: QYBW9RXAQ0DF
  • Maintenance or subscription key: WAGQRSYFL8S7