What is the License Controller?

The license controller allows you to perform the installation, updating, and management of licenses locally and also view license information and various types of license-related statistics.

The license controller (for example fglWrt) is a command line program only.

Tip: The Genero Licenser tool provides an interface to the license controller via your Web browser, which you can use instead to manage licensing. See What is Genero Licenser?.

License controller programs

The license controller appropriate for your product is provided in the product package.
Table 1. Genero Products and License Controllers
Genero product License controller
Genero Enterprise fglWrt
Genero Mobile fglWrt
Genero Report Writer for Java, C#, PHP, and Swift grxWrt
Genero Report Engine greWrt

Locating the License Controller

  • The fglWrt program is located in $FGLDIR/bin.
  • The grxWrt and greWrt programs are located in $GREDIR/bin.