What is Genero Licenser?

You can license your Genero product using the Genero licensing user interface. You can use it to perform the installation, updating, and management of your Four Js product license on your machine.

This image shows a sample licensing page which opens in your Web browser when you launch the Genero Licenser tool.
Figure: Genero BDL Licenser

Image shows the Genero user interface for licensing your product and checking license status. The information displayed shows that no license is installed.

Genero Licenser programs

Different Genero Licenser user interfaces are used by Genero products. They have a different look-and-feel to distinguish the products but they essentially perform the same function:

  • Genero BDL Licenser (for Genero Enterprise or Genero Mobile products)
  • Genero Report Engine for Java Licenser (for Genero Report Writer products)
  • Genero Report Engine Licenser (for Genero Report Engine (GRE))

The Genero Licenser tool appropriate for your product is provided in the product package. You can access it either from within the product interface Tools menu, or from the desktop by selecting the Genero Licenser tool from your Four Js program list.