Connections panel

The Connections panel lists applications and cookies being handled by the Genero Desktop Client (GDC).


The Connections panel is comprised of two sections: Connections and Cookies.

Figure: Connections panel

The figure is a screen shot of the Genero Desktop Client Connections panel. The paragraph that precedes this figure describes the content of the figure.


For each application, it displays:
The name of the application. This refers to the text attribute of the UserInterface Node.
An internal identifier.
The connection type: Direct, HTTP or local execution.
When the application was started.
The Switch button raises the selected application to the top, and sets the focus on the current window.

This feature allows you to find your application easily when many programs are launched.


If the GDC is in debug mode, the Debug Tree option is available from the right-click menu. This displays the AUI debug tree.

The Close button stops the selected application(s). When clicked, the information is sent to the Runtime System and the application is stopped by the GDC; the Close All button closes all running applications.


GDC will first send a close request to the runtime system, which may be interpreted differently depending on your Genero application settings; see OPTIONS ON CLOSE APPLICATION in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide, and will close the network connection after a given delay if the Runtime System does not react.


For each cookie, it displays:
The name of the cookie.
The path to the cookie.
The domain of the cookie.
Expiration Date
Date when the cookie expires.
The value of the cookie.

The Clear button clears the selected cookie. The Clear All button clears all cookies.