View the AUI debug tree

You can view the debug tree for the Abstract User Interface (AUI) as it built on the front end for use by the Genero Desktop Client (GDC). This helps you to debug and test your application.

Before you begin

The GDC must be in debug mode. To start the GDC in debug mode, use the -D option.

  1. Click on the [Debug] AUI tree icon in the chromebar.

    You can also activate the AUI debug tree by pressing Ctrl (or Command on macOS) and right-clicking the mouse.

    The AUI Debug Tree window opens.
    Figure: AUI Debug tree

  2. Select a node of the AUI debug tree to work with.
    When you click on a node, the attributes and values of those attributes display in the right-hand side of the AUI Debug Tree window. If the selected node corresponds to a visible component of the current window, the element briefly flashes.
  3. Click the Close icon in the window title bar to close the AUI Debug Tree window.