Launch an application

This quick start guide provides you with the steps to launch the Genero Application Server and view demo applications delivered by the GAS to both the Genero Browser Client (GBC) and the Genero Desktop Client (GDC).

Before you begin, you must:
  • Have the Genero product suite installed locally.
  • It is recommended to have Genero Studio installed (which by default includes the Genero Business Development Language, Genero Application Server, and Genero Desktop Client).
The goal of this quick start is to provide you with some basic experience in using the Genero Application Server to start the Genero BDL Demos application. This quick start uses the standalone GAS dispatcher (httpdispatch), which limits this quick start to a local install but simplifies the process by bypassing the need for a web server.

The standalone GAS dispatcher is for development and testing only; a production environment requires a web server.

  1. From the command line in a Genero Workplace Window, start the standalone dispatcher by typing the command:
    The application server (the httpdispatch dispatcher) is started.
    Figure: Starting the httpdispatch

    Genero Application Server Workplace Window with the httpdispatch Application Server started.
  2. Open the Genero Application Server welcome page in a browser by entering the address: http://localhost:6394/demos.html.

    By default, access to the Genero BDL Demos applications is allowed only to localhost ( If you want to enable it for other client machines / IP addresses, you must define access in the ACCESS_CONTROL element.

    The Genero Application Server responds and the Genero Application Server welcome page is displayed. This indicates that the GAS dispatcher is working.
  3. Launch the Genero BDL Demos application to the Genero Browser Client.
    Click on the Genero demos link.
    Alternatively, you can enter the address http://localhost:6394/ua/r/demo.
    The application displays in the browser.
    Figure: Genero BDL Demos application displayed by the GBC

    Genero BDL Demos application as delivered by the GBC.
  4. Complete the following steps to run the Genero BDL Demos application using the Genero Desktop Client for HTTP.
    These applications are typically run from the GDC monitor by configuring a HTTP shortcut. For more information, see the Create a HTTP Connection shortcut page in the Genero Desktop Client User Guide. Follow these steps to download a shortcut via the browser using the da protocol.
    1. Enter the address http://localhost:6394/da/r/demo in a browser tab.
    2. The demo.gdc shortcut is downloaded to your downloads directory. Doubleclick on the gdc shortcut to run the application.
      Alternatively, if your browser supports it, you can configure file association in the browser to open the .gdc shortcut with the GDC monitor and run the application directly. For more information on setting file association, see the browser's documentation.
      1. Genero Desktop Client is installed.
      2. Application extension associations for gdc are set for your machine.
    The GDC monitor launches and the Genero BDL Demos application opens in a system window.
    Figure: Genero BDL Demos application displayed by the GDC

    Genero BDL Demos application as delivered by the GDC for HTTPS.