GAS configuration file (as.xcf)

The Genero Application Server is configured through a configuration file. The default configuration file is as.xcf, located in the $FGLASDIR/etc directory.

The configuration file serves as a global configuration for the GAS and the applications that run on it. It is an XML file that contains a list of configuration elements.

  • The root element is the CONFIGURATION element. This element has a single child element, the APPLICATION_SERVER element, which defines the GAS.
  • The RESOURCE_LIST element provides a platform-specific resource configuration for Windows┬« and UNIX┬« systems.
  • The COMPONENT_LIST element provides support for component configuration in the GAS. Where there is a using attribute in, for example the APPLICATION element, a component element can be referenced to provide default configurations for applications and services.
  • The APPLICATION_LIST element provides support for abstract application definition. It contains a list of default groups and abstract application configurations that define details that are common to many applications. Where there is a Parent attribute in, for example, an APPLICATION element, it inherits the configuration of the parent application.
  • The SERVICE_LIST provides support for abstract service application definitions.

To create a new Genero Application Server configuration file, create a copy of the default and make modifications in the copy. Use the dispatcher -f option to specify which configuration file to use when starting the Genero Application Server. If you do not specify a specific file, the default ($FGLASDIR/etc/as.xcf) is used.


When you add an application to the GAS configuration file, you must restart the GAS for the application to be recognized.

After the restart, depending on the dispatcher, you may or may not have the applications (for example, proxies) stopped; some of the dispatchers can recover the application and continue where the application left off.