Finishing the installation

The GAS ISAPI Extension is ready to test once you have added the isapidispatch configuration file.

Before you begin:

It is assumed you have your ISAPI already configured for the version of Internet Information Services (IIS) you have. See Installing the ISAPI dispatcher.

  1. Copy the isapidispatch.ini file from $FGLASDIR\etc to your Application root directory (for example, $FGLASDIR\ISAPI).
    • The options section of the file must contain at least the as-directory property.
    • The value of the as-directory must be set to the FGLASDIR environment variable.

      See GAS ISAPI Extension configuration file for details about the content of this file.

  2. Open a web browser and enter the URL to the "demos.html" page:
    For example, if the server is "localhost", the port is the default port, and the virtual directory is "gas":

    If everything is correct, the "demos" page should be displayed; otherwise, see Troubleshooting installation.