Activate (enable) a deployed archive with gasadmin

A deployed archive is not implicitly activated. When you activate (enable) a deployed archive, the applications and services provided by the archive become available to users.

Enabling an archive means enabling all applications and services provided by the Genero Archive (gar) file.

  1. Enter the gasadmin command with the appropriate arguments.

    To show a list of archives and details of their status:

    gasadmin gar --list-archives

    To enable an archive named fuzzy:

    gasadmin gar --enable-archive fuzzy

    By default, the results are output in text format. When the console output uses the form of an XML document, it can be easier to parse by other applications than textual output. To output in XML, specify the --xml-output option:

    gasadmin gar --enable-archive fuzzy --xml-output
    The exit status is a 0 (zero) in case of success, 1 in case of error.
  2. Copy the application configuration file (xcf) into a group directory, if desired.
XML Output examples:
  <MESSAGE>Archive <archive-name> successfully enabled</MESSAGE>
  <ERROR>Failed to enable <archive-name> archive.</ERROR>
  <ERROR>... and error messages indicating the reasons of the failure....</ERROR>