Upgrade a Web service while the GAS is running

If you need to upgrade your Web service while it is still running on the GAS, there are options to consider depending on how you wish to perform this task.

For example, you need to add new operations or provide new parameters for your Web services. These changes should not effect existing clients running your service and avoid interrupting requests coming in for the Web service as you upgrade.

There are two options:
  • The recommended procedure is to use Genero Archive to disable the old service and enable a new one as described in Upgrade a Web service using Genero archive. Be aware that this procedure may interrupt the service for a short period of time.

  • If the risk of an interruption of service is not acceptable, then you have the option of manually overwriting the configuration file. Using this procedure comes with the risk of corrupting the Web service and is not recommended. See Upgrade a Web service manually.