Undeploy an archive

An undeployed archive is no longer deployed and cannot be reactivated.

When you undeploy an archive:
  • All applications and services provided by the archive that are not disabled are disabled at this time.
  • The MANIFEST file renames to MANIFEST.undeployed. Any archive with the file MANIFEST.undeployed represents an undeployed archive.

No files are removed when you undeploy. The cleanup of the undeployed archive directory must be explicitly requested.

Undeploy options

On your GAS installation use one of the following methods:
  • The Deployment App to deploy and secure applications with Genero Identity Provider (GIP). For more information, go to Undeploy an archive with the Deployment App in the Single sign-on User Guide.
  • The gasadmin command line tool. You can use it to deploy applications on a local GAS installation.
  • The DeployGar tool. This allows you to manage applications on both local and remote servers. Commands can be included in a script file.