Configuration for Web and service applications

Configure Genero Web applications and services using a subset of the elements provided for the Genero Application Server configuration.

The application configuration details can either be:
  • added to the Genero Application Server configuration file (as.xcf).
  • provided in application-specific configuration files. Each application has its own configuration file, written in XML.

Elements in an application's configuration

The elements allowed, and how they are used, depend on whether the application is a Web application or a Web service (GWS). For a full list of valid elements and their place in the file hierarchy, see the appropriate topic:

Use application-specific configuration files

When you add application configuration details to the Genero Application Server configuration file, you must restart the dispatcher before the changes take effect. You must also take care during upgrades, that the GAS configuration file is not overwritten and you lose your changes.

When you create a new application configuration file, or make changes to an existing application configuration file, you do not need to restart any dispatchers. All applications started after you save your changes use the changed settings. The files are easily archived apart from the GAS configuration file, and not overwritten by newer versions during upgrades. For these reasons, it is recommended that you use application-specific configuration files.