TIMEOUT (for a service)

This element sets timeouts for process requests and the start of the DVM.


  1. The component-id references a component with a set of timeout definitions that are used.

Child elements

Possible timeout elements include:

  1. Zero or one DVM_AVAILABLE element.
  2. Zero or one KEEP_ALIVE element.
  3. Zero or one REQUEST_RESULT (for a service) element.


You use this element to set limits on the amount of time a DVM takes to start, and the amount of time it takes to process requests between the GAS and the client.

Timeouts are important for performance, so default values are set, and values can be configured.

Timeout settings may be defined by referencing in its Using attribute a predefined SERVICE_APPLICATION_TIMEOUT_COMPONENT to inherit timeout settings, and/or by setting individual timeout settings specific to the web service application.

When settings are inherited from a SERVICE_APPLICATION_TIMEOUT_COMPONENT, settings you define locally within the TIMEOUT element override the component settings.

Usage example referencing component

<TIMEOUT Using="cpn.ws.timeout.set1" />

Usage example using local elements


Parent elements

This element is a child of the APPLICATION (for a service) element.