REQUEST_RESULT (for a service)

This REQUEST_RESULT element specifies the number of seconds the GAS waits for the DVM to respond to pending transactions.


  1. seconds specifies the number of seconds to wait for a response from a transaction request.

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You use the REQUEST_RESULT timeout to provide information to the user when a Web service transaction is taking longer than expected. It specifies the number of seconds to wait for the DVM to respond to the GAS, after which the GAS sends an HTTP 400 error page to the front-end to inform the user that the request has taken too long to fulfill.

The front-end cannot recover from a HTTP 400 error page, and any Web service client application must send a new request.


The REQUEST_RESULT timeout for a Web service is not set by default. This means the GWS proxy never releases the DVM and will wait until the DVM responds to the request.

Usage example for Web service


When configuring this setting, ensure you set the timeout less than the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) timeout of the web server you are using.

The REQUEST_RESULT timeout is referenced by the GWS proxy to release the DVM in charge of a service that has not responded in the given time frame.

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