The POOL element sets the limitations regarding the number of Virtual Machines (DVMs) that are attached to a web service.



Child elements

The POOL element may contain the following child elements:

  1. Zero or one START elements.
  2. Zero or one MIN_AVAILABLE element.
  3. Zero or one MAX_AVAILABLE element.
  4. Zero or one MAX_REQUESTS_PER_DVM element.


You use this element to configure how the web service is managed. You specify four values within a POOL element:

  • The number of DVMs to start when the GAS starts

  • The minimum number of DVMs to have alive while the GAS is running

  • The maximum number of DVMs to have alive while the GAS is running.

  • The maximum number of requests a DVM can handle before being stopped by the pool.


The POOL element is only available for web services.

Pool example


In this example, 5 DVMs are started to service the web service when the GAS starts; the number can fall as low as 3 DVMs or rise as high as 10 DVMs..

Parent elements

This element is a child of the following: