Add configuration entries in your FGLPROFILE file

Add a set of configuration entries that specify the security configuration for GWS clients accessing an HTTPS server.

In this task you add configuration entries (ws.* ) in your FGLPROFILE file for the HTTPS server URL and for HTTP authentication when accessing the HTTPS server. For an example, see FGLPROFILE: HTTP(S) Proxy Authentication.

Add configuration entries for the server.
The following entries must be defined with an unique identifier (such as "myserver") :
  1. ws.myserver.url = ""
    In a production environment, the Genero Application Server (GAS) provides the base URL from the server where the Web service is deployed. This follows the format:
    1. host:port/gas/ws/r is the base URL from the server. For more information, see the Application Web Address page in the Genero Application Server User Guide.
    2. service-name is the name of the Web service.
  2. = "id1"
    Where the value (id1 in this example) must match the unique identifier defined by the client security entry created in Configure for the client certificate.
Tip: The unique identifier "myserver" can be used in the BDL client code in place of the actual URL.