Set FGLPROFILE entries for the server URL

Add a set of configuration entries that specify the URL and the identity for the HTTPS server.

In this task you add configuration entries (ws.* ) in your FGLPROFILE file for the HTTPS server URL and for HTTP authentication when accessing the HTTPS server. For an example, see FGLPROFILE: HTTP(S) Proxy Authentication.

Add configuration entries for the server.
The following entries must be defined with an unique identifier (such as "myserver") :
  1. ws.myserver.url = ""
    In a production environment, the Genero Application Server (GAS) provides the base URL from the server where the web service is deployed. This follows the format:
    1. host:port/gas/ws/r is the base URL from the server. For more information, refer to the Application Web Address page in the Genero Application Server User Guide.
    2. service-name is the name of the Web service.
  2. = "id1"
    Where the value (id1 in this example) must match the unique identifier defined by the client security entry created in Set FGLPROFILE entries for the client certificate.

The unique identifier "myserver" can be used in the BDL client code in place of the actual URL.