Set FGLPROFILE entries for the client certificate

Configure your application to use the certificate and the associated private key used by the client's Genero Web Services during HTTPS communication. For production systems, you add the configuration details to your FGLPROFILE file.

Before you begin:

You have generated a certificate. For more details on how to create a self-signed certificate, go to the Certificates in practice pages.

In this task you add the certificate information to your FGLPROFILE file.

Set the configuration entries for your security certificates in your FGLPROFILE file.

The security entry must be defined with an unique identifier (id1 in this example).

security.id1.certificate = "MyServer.crt"
security.id1.privatekey  = "MyServer.pem"

If the private key is protected with a password, the password must be removed using the OpenSSL command. For example,

$ openssl rsa -in privkey.pem -out MyServer.pem
You are prompted for the passphrase. The unprotected private key is output in MyServer.pem.

Your applications are configured to use the client certificate.

What to do next

Create the certificate authority list from the server and configure the global certificate authority list ( in your FGLPROFILE file. See Set FGLPROFILE entries for the CA list.