Using a gICAPI web component

This section describes how to add a gICAPI-based web component to your application.

To implement a gICAPI-based web component:

  1. Identify the web component you want to use and get the source code (HTML, JavaScript, CSS).
  2. Implement the gICAPI interface script for the web component.
  3. Define the location where the front-end can find the gICAPI interface files. This depends on the front-end technology used by your application.
  4. Define a WEBCOMPONENT field in the form file. Use the COMPONENTTYPE attribute to define the root HTML filename describing the gICAPI web component.
  5. Use the web component in the dialog of the program.
  6. If image resources are required by your web component, you must provide them as part of the gICAPI web component assets, or provide them from the program with a specific API.

Detailed information about these tasks are provided in the next topics.