Deploying the gICAPI web component files

Deploy web component files to the front-end platform before using gICAPI web components.

Standard Genero gICAPI Web Components

The Genero BDL package provides a set of common, ready-to-use web components, that can be used in your application.

The Genero BDL Web Components are located in $FGLDIR/webcomponents and are found by default with any type of front-end configuration.

As these files are part of the FGLDIR installation directory, no deployment is required.

Deploying the HTML document and the JavaScript gICAPI interface

The gICAPI web component files (main HTML file, additional JavaScript files and other potential assets) must be available on the platform where the front-end executes. Depending on your configuration, Genero supports several solutions to provide the gICAPI web component files from a single location. In a distributed configuration with many individual front-end nodes, consider centralizing the gICAPI files on a server, instead of copying the gICAPI web component files manually to each front-end device.


If the main gICAPI HTML document references external JavaScript files, put these files in the same directory as the HTML file referencing them.

Recommended web component directory layout

When using the default settings in any configuration (for example, no FGLIMAGEPATH is defined, default GAS settings), put the gICAPI web component files under a webcomponents directory, along with the other program files, for example:

Deployment methods for front-end types

Web components assets are deployed with different solutions, depending on the front-end configuration type:

The GDC front-end supports also local gICAPI file lookup in the GDC installation directory. However, this solution is deprecated. Consider centralizing the gICAPI web component files on the application server, as described above in the dedicated topics.

Defining the gICAPI files search path by program

With older versions, it was possible to use the standard.setWebComponentPath front call, to define by program the base URL to the web component files.


This front call is deprecated, consider using one of the other mechanisms described in this topic.