Prepare the runtime environment - connecting to the database

  1. Check that the required ODI database driver is available in $FGLDIR/dbdrivers.
    • For Oracle® MySQL 8.0, you must have the MySQL database driver "dbmmys_8_0".
    • For Oracle MySQL 8.2, you must have the MySQL database driver "dbmmys_8_2".
    • For MariaDB 10.2+, you must have the MariaDB database driver "dbmmdb_10_2".
  2. Check that the MySQL/MariaDB database client software is available on the system.
    • For MySQL, check that the libmysqlclient.* library is installed on the system. The shared library version of the MySQL client library must match the libmysqlclient library version linked to the ODI driver.
    • For MariaDB 10.2 and +, check that the libmariadb.* library is installed on the system. The shared library version of the MariaDB client library must match the libmariadb library version linked to the ODI driver.
  3. Make sure that the MySQL/MariaDB client environment variables are properly set.
    Check for example MYSQL_HOME (the path to the installation directory), DATADIR (the path to the data files directory), etc. See MySQL documentation for more details about client environment variables to be set.
  4. Check the MySQL/MariaDB client configuration options in the my.cnf file on your MySQL client environment.
    The driver will read the options defined in the [client] configuration group of the my.cnf file defined for the client application. Note that you can specify a particular configuration file with the following FGLPROFILE parameter:
    dbi.database.dbname.mys.config = "/opt/var/myapp/my.cnf"
    or, for MariaDB:
    dbi.database.dbname.mdb.config = "/opt/var/myapp/my.cnf"
  5. Check the database client locale settings (default-character-set option in the my.cnf configuration file).
    The database client locale must match the locale used by the runtime system (LC_ALL, LANG). For example, in order to define (4-bytes) UTF-8 as MySQL client character set:
  6. Verify the environment variable defining the search path for the database client shared library ( on UNIX™, LIBMYSQL.dll on Windows®).
    Table 1. Shared library environment setting for MySQL
    MySQL/MariaDB version Shared library environment setting
    MySQL 8.0 and higher and MariaDB 10.2 and higher

    UNIX : Add $MYSQL_HOME/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or its equivalent).

    Windows : Add %MYSQL_HOME%\bin to PATH.

  7. To verify if the MySQL/MariaDB client environment is correct, start the SQL command interpreter:
    $ mysql dbname -u appadmin -p
  8. Set up the FGLPROFILE entries for database connections.
    1. Define the MySQL/MariaDB database driver:
      For MySQL:
      dbi.database.dbname.driver = "dbmmys"
      For MariaDB:
      dbi.database.dbname.driver = "dbmmdb"
    2. The "source" parameter defines the name of the MySQL/MariaDB database.
      dbi.database.dbname.source = "test1"
  9. To configure a secure connection to MySQL server using TLS, see Server-side configuration for secure connections with MySQL